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Chairman of Chinese Overseas Transportation Association (COTA) , Professor Yu Zhang Visited Our Base
July 19, 2017  

On July 18, 2017, Dr. Yu Zhang, the Chairman of the Chinese Overseas Transportation Association (COTA) and Professor of The University of South Florida, was invited to visit our base. Prof. Xiangmo Zhao and outstanding young teachers from our base had a cordial meeting with Prof. Yu Zhang.

Prof. Xiangmo Zhao made welcome speech to Prof. Yu Zhang, and congratulated on her achievements. Prof. Xiangmo Zhao briefly introduced the basic information of Chang'an University in aspects of the historical evolution, school scale, characteristics of academic subjects, personnel training and so on. He highlighted the cooperation between our base and foreign high-level university research teams and the research progress in related fields in recent years. He indicated that COTA is an important academic organization in the field of international transport and has played a positive role in promoting the domestic experts and scholars in the field of transportation to the international arena. It’s hoped that Prof. Yu Zhang could take this visit as an opportunity to further enhance the understanding of our base, make valuable comments and suggestions on scientific research and personnel training of our base, and develop various ways for exchange and cooperation. And it’s also hoped that we could promote comprehension, deepen communication with COTA to further increase the participation and popularity of Chang'an University in the field of international transportation.

Prof. Yu Zhang greatly appreciated our reception and the support to COTA for a long time. She expressed her praise to Prof. Xiangmo Zhao on the development conception and the overall layout of our 111 Bases. Prof. Yu Zhang pointed out that COTA has been committed to strengthening academic exchanges among professionals from overseas and China in the field of transportation, and has been continuing to pay attention to the development of China's traffic, for more than 20 years since its inception. She said that Chang'an University is a well-known university in the field of transportation in China and its influence in the field of transportation is obvious to all. COTA has established a good foundation for cooperation with Chang'an University and 111 Bases, and hoped to further deepen comprehension and strengthen cooperation.

Dr. Yu Zhang, Professor of The University of South Florida, US. obtained a bachelor's degree at Southeast University, a master's and a doctorate degree at The University of California, Berkeley, US. She is the Chairman of the Chinese Overseas Transportation Association in American, an editor and a reviewer of several SCI and SSCI international Journals, as well as a member of the US Transportation Research Board. Her main research areas include modeling and analysis of transportation system, air transport management and airport location, traffic safety and so on.

The Chinese Overseas Association is a non-profit professional organization, formerly known as the NACOTA (North American Chinese Overseas Transportation Association), which was founded in January 1996, with the aim of promoting communication among researchers from all over the world.

Prof. Xiangmo Zhao met Professor Zhang Yu

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