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Prof. Huaizhu Gao of Cornell University ,USA, Visited Our Base
July 14, 2017  

On July 12, 2017, Prof. Huaizhu Gao of Cornell University USA was invited to visit our base for academic exchanges. Prof. Xiangmo Zhao and outstanding teachers from our base had a cordial meeting with the guest.

During the meeting, Prof. Xiangmo Zhao made welcome speech to Prof. Huaizhu Gao, and briefly introduced the basic information of Chang'an University in aspects of the historical evolution, school scale, characteristics of academic subjects, personnel training and so on, He highlighted the cooperation between our base and foreign high-level university research teams and the research progress in related fields in recent years.

Prof. Huizhu Gao greatly appreciated our reception firstly, and introduced his research direction and research progress. He expressed the intention to cooperate with Chang'an University in car networking research. Both sides have conducted in-depth discussions on introducing high level talents and academic echelon construction, and reached a consensus on the next step of cooperation mode.

During the visit, Prof. Gao made an academic report entitled “Cornell University Center for Transportation, Environment, and Community Health”. The seminar was hosted by vice-president of School of Information Engineering, Prof. Zongtao Duan, young teachers and graduate students from The School of Information Engineering and The School of Automobile were present. During the lecture, Prof. Huaizhu Gao introduced the effects of transportation development on people's health as well as the impact on the atmospheric environment from various aspects, the atmosphere was very warm and friendly.

In the seminar, Prof. Huaizhu Gao communicated with the teachers about their respective fields of study and the research progress. The scene was full of academic atmosphere and hot discussion, and won enthusiastic applause.

Prof. Huaizhu Gao, professor of Civil Engineering and Environment Engineering Department of Cornel University, is the director of the Traffic Research Center, the Chief editor of Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment, a member of Transportation Research Board Committee on Transportation and Air Quality, an academic member on the Federal Advisory Committee of US EPA MOVES model development, a member of Transportation Research Board Committee on Maintenance Equipment, and a member of the Cornell Atkinson Center for a Sustainable Future (ACSF). His research focuses on system analysis for sustainable and high intelligent urban infrastructure and lifeline engineering, low carbon and low emission transportation systems, quantitative modeling analysis of the environment energy systems. He has published more than 50 high-level SCI papers on international prestigious academic journals of transportation, environmental energy and management.

Vice President Xiangmo Zhao met Prof. Huaizhu Gao

Prof. Huaizhu Gao made an academic report

The scene of the seminar