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Professor of University of Cincinnati USA, Heng Wei, Visited Our Base
July 15, 2017  

From July 10, 2017 to July 13, 2017, Prof. Heng Wei from University of Cincinnati in USA was invited to visit our base for 3 days.

During the stay, Prof. Heng Wei visited The Traffic Information Detection and Control Engineering Laboratory of Shaanxi Road Traffic Intelligent Detection and Equipment Engineering Technology Research Center, and made a series of academic lectures, which are grouped around several topics, including “Integration of Fundamental Traffic Flow Theories”, “Fundamentals to Pre-timed Signal Design”, “Practical Experience and Problems of Traffic Signal Control and ITS Technology”, “Actuated Traffic Signal System Design”, “Signal Coordination for Arterials and Networks”, “Critical Understanding of ITS Architecture” and so on. Combining with his own research projects and academic papers, Prof. Heng Wei answered the scientific research problems from the audience. Outstanding teachers and graduate students from our base participated in the seminar. The lectures were well appreciated.

Mr. Heng Wei, Professor of Department of Civil and Architectural Engineering and Construction Management at University of Cincinnati in USA, is Director of Advanced Research in Transportation Engineering and System Laboratory, and Former Chairman of Chinese Overseas Transportation Association (COTA). He is mainly engaged in extraction and modeling of vehicle trajectory data in Micro-traffic flow, recognition and simulation modeling of signal control confusion dynamic feature, planning and modeling of urban backbone emergency traffic evacuation network, and travel carbonization analysis and multi-trip mode system optimization development analysis and so on. He has obtained a number of funds from the US National Science Foundation, the Ohio Department of Transportation Research Committee, the American Federal Highway Administration, the US Environmental Protection Agency, the Ohio University Transportation Research Center, and the University Research Center and others. He has published 180 academic papers and 9 academic monographs.