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Teachers and Graduate Students of Our Base Attended COTA International Conference of Transportation Professionals (CICTP2017)
July 11, 2017  

The COTA International Conference of Transportation Professionals (CICTP2017), hosted by Tongji University and Chinese Overseas Transportation Association (COTA), was held in Tongji University Jiading Campus from July 7 to 9. This conference took “Transportation Reform and Change: Equity, Inclusiveness, Sharing, and Innovation” as its theme.Nearly a thousand domestic and foreign traffic experts and scholars from academia, industry and government agencies attended the meeting.The annual conference invited more than 200 international experts to speak, share and exchange their international experiences in development of transport transformation.In addition to the General Assembly, there were 41 thematic forums and technical forums, 6 student forums and 205 Poster presentations covering topics such as integrated transportation, transportation infrastructure, smart city, large data and traffic safety.The annual meeting also carried out a number of special forums such as "Integrated Transportation Development Forum", "Dean of the Faculty of Transportation", "Forum of Journal", "Signal Control Practice Forum", "Youth Scholar Forum".

With high expectations, a team leaded by Professor Zhao Xiangmo, head of the Base, with 5 outstanding young teachers and graduate students from the Base, attended the Convention and made special presentations. On July 8, Prof. Zhao Xiangmo was invited as a special guest to give a lecture in “2ndSmart City-Driven Traffic Information Engineering and Control Discipline Development Forum” with the title of “Progress of Connected Vehicle Research and Testing Technology”, and answered questions. During the lecture, Professor Zhao Xiangmo reviewed the development and new progress of the technology on connected vehicle both in China and in the world, summarized the architecture and key technologies of connected vehicle, and shared his thoughts and expectations on the future development. He also introduced some work successfully done at Chang’an University, and pointed out the relevant key technology on the test of connected vehicle. In the forum of “Traffic Safety and Driving behavior”, Doctoral graduate student Jing Shoucai made an academic report entitled “DSRC-Based Rear-End Collision Warning Application for Android Smartphone”, and doctoral graduate student Li Tenglong made an academic report entitled “A New Car-Following Model Accounting for Multi-Preceding Cars’Optimal Velocity Changes and Backward Looking Effects”.During the Convention, the Base members introduced their progress of the relevant research work, listened and learnt the various presentations made by the international and domestic experts, and discussed academic research experiences and related scientific issues with the experts and scholars from all over the world.

The annual conference organized a collection of papers on the theme of " Transportation Reform and Change: Equity, Inclusiveness, Sharing, and Innovation ", and received more than 1,200 papers of which 548 articles were accepted.

Prof. Zhao Xiangmo answered on-site questions

Prof. Asad Jan Khattak participated in academic discussions and communications

Associated Professor Hui Fei Took a photo with Jing Shoucai

Li Tonglong took a photo with participating experts