Notice of Academic Report by Dr. Song Houbing,Professor of West Virginia University, USA
May 31, 2016  

Title:Cyber-Physical Systems for Transportation

Speaker: Professor Song Houbing

Date & Time: June 1, 2016(Wednesday) 3:00-4:30 PM

Location:Conference room in School of Information Engineering

Profile of Speaker:

Dr. Song Houbing is anassistant professor at Department of Electrical and Computer EngineeringatWest Virginia University. He is thefounding director ofsecurity and optimizationfor Networked Globe Laboratory (SONG Lab) as well as West Virginia Center of Excellence for Cyber-Physical Systems, and IEEE Senior Member of association for Computing Machinery. In 2012,he obtained the doctorate degree at Virginia University in electrical engineering, and wasa former researcher at Texas A & M Transportation Institute.He currently is a deputy editor for several international journals, and served as Chairman of the multi-session IEEE International Conference. He published more than 100 papers and 4 books. His main research areas are: cyber-physical systems, networking, car networking, cloud computing, big data analytics, wireless network communication, networking and optical communications.


As the Internet has changed the way people interact with information, cyber-physical systems is changing the way people interact with the engineering system.Cyber-physical systems integrate sensing, computing, control and network systems to the physical objects and infrastructurewhichare connected to the Internet and terminals. In transport, the cyber-physical systems provide the necessary infrastructure for connection of the vehicle, infrastructure, people and goods in a safe and efficient road transport system. In the report, Professor Song Houbing will introduce the results of his research in the cyber-physical systems for traffic information.