Notice of Academic Report
June 3, 2016  

Date & Time:9:00 -11:00 AMon June 06,2016

Location:The second floor conference room in the School of Information Engineering.


1)Introduction to BIM and 3-D Digital Communication Technologies

2)Automated Classification and Evaluation of Pavement Surface Distresses

Speaker:Dr. Li Ningyuan (University of Waterloo, Canada)

Expert Discussions:Dr. Jose Balbo (Sao Paulo University, Brazil), Dr. Theuns Henning (University of Auckland, New Zealand), Dr. EmanueleToraldo (Polytechnic University of Milan,Italy),Dr. Li Ningyuan (University of Waterloo,Canada), and all of the scholars

attendingthe academic seminar.

Lecture Abstract:This seminar will introduce how building information modelling (BIM)and 3-D printing technologies can be used as a communication and collaboration tool in highway planning, construction and maintenance management. Starting from the basic conceptsnecessary to understand how BIM is changing the road 3-D design and construction process, the seminar provides an overview of understanding BIM’s value and opportunities as well as applications of its software products. In addition, the seminar will include a panel discussion (attended by multiple university professors from Poly-technical university of Milan Italy, University of Auckland New Zealand, Sao Paulo University Brazil and University of Waterloo Canada) on benefits and drawbacks of utilizing BIM, how BIM will affect the project delivery process, how to successfully begin implementing BIM and its business implications. The seminar is also designed to facilitate review of the functionalities of using BIM in virtual road and bridge design, construction and operation, which isan important instrument to increase productivity while at the same time improve the quality of work.