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The base held an international seminar on "emerging intelligent transportation system"
July 10, 2019  

On July 9, 2019, the International Symposium on "Emerging Intelligent Transportation Systems" organized by our base was successfully held in the conference room of the Transportation Technology Building.

The main experts and scholars attending the conference were Professor Panos D. Prevedouros, Dean of the School of Civil Engineering at the University of Hawaii, Mano, Dr. David Yang, Executive Director of the American Automobile Association Traffic Safety Foundation, Professor Aemal Khattak, Deputy Director of the Central Transportation Center, and the University of Tennessee. Professor Asad Khattak.

Associate Professor Hui Fei, Associate Professor Ma Junyan and other graduate students represented more than 30 people attended the seminar. The meeting was opened by Professor Asad Khattak. He extended a warm welcome to the teachers and classmates who attended the meeting and introduced the professors from afar. Associate Professor Hui Fei gave a brief introduction to the history of the base and the situation of talent training, focusing on the current research direction of the base, especially the development trend of the vehicle networking and vehicle road coordination technology. I hope that this seminar will be an opportunity to enhance the understanding of the experts on the base, and to discuss the cooperation intentions around their respective research fields and academic expertise and base. I hope that the two sides will have more opportunities to cooperate and communicate at a deeper level in the future.

Dr. David Yang introduced the topic “Emerging traffic technology impact on user behavior and traffic safety”. His report is based on recent research by the American Automobile Association Foundation to explore advanced driver assistance systems and vehicle networking and automation. The impact of the vehicle on user behavior. The main content of Professor Aemal Khattak’s report is “The current security issues, trends in the US railroad crossings and the impact of the Internet of Vehicles”. Prof. Panos D. Prevedouros introduced the basic characteristics of Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAV), the business case, the obstacles encountered and the application scenarios, with the title "CAV features and scenarios, and application research on CAV". Professor Asad Khattak's report titled "The Age of Automation, Interconnection, Electric, and Shared Cars." He advocates the latest transportation system innovations to better meet the needs of urban life. Future transportation systems are expected to integrate automation, connectivity, electrification and vehicle sharing. After the report, everyone discussed the potential safety benefits of emerging transportation technologies and the obstacles that may hinder the realization of these benefits.

After the meeting, experts and scholars visited the joint "Labor Network" Ministry of Education - China Mobile Joint Lab and had a cordial and friendly exchange and discussion with the teachers and students of our base.

Dr. David Yang is an executive director of the American Automobile Association's Transportation Safety Foundation.

Professor Panos D. Prevedouros is the Chairman of the American Transportation Research Council.

Professor Asad Khattak is a well-known expert in the field of intelligent transportation.



Associate Professor Hui Fei reports the scene



Professor Panos D. Prevedouros reports the scene



Dr. David Yang reports the scene



Professor Asad Khattak reports the scene