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Duan Liren
November 10, 2015  

Duan Liren, Doctoral supervisor, Professor, first class Commissioner, National outstanding contribution expert, National excellent science and technology worker withspecial government allowances of the state council. Now he is the vice president of China association of road traffic safety, the member of Capital planning expert committee, the expert of Beijing traffic committee, the expert of Beijing traffic safety committee, the honorary director of Beijing traffic engineering research institute, the monitor of Beijing expert sodality, the counselor of China public transport association, the counselor of BTEA, the president of Shenzhen intelligent transportation industry association, etc. He used to be a deputy director and chief engineer of Beijing traffic management bureau and the director of Beijing traffic engineering research institute. He has some part-time jobs such as a member of the ministry of public security and construction "Smooth traffic project" expert group, the professor of Tsinghua University, Beijing Normal University, Beijing Jiaotong University and Beijing University of Technology. His main research is as follows: as one of the founders of traffic engineering and traffic control in China, he has beenengaged in thirty-five years research of urban transportation automatic control, traffic engineering, traffic safety and traffic management since the early 1970s. He published more than 200 papers and eight literatures such as “An introduction to the urban traffic”, “Road traffic control”, “Traffic management and road safety”, “Scientific traffic management” and “Hong Kong Transportation”.