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Liu Youquan
November 16, 2015  

Liu Youquan, Ph.D. in computer application technology, professor, vice director of the Department of computer science, School of information engineering of Chang'an University, master tutor,  person inchargeof CUDA research center of Chang'an University, member of the China computer society, member of the multimedia professional committee of China Society of image and graphics.

Graduated from the Software Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2005, worked as a senior software engineer in Ageia Technology Co., Ltd. (purchased by NVIDIA in 2008), did postdoctoral research in Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute USA, worked as an assistant in Chinese Academy of Sciences and the University of Macao. He joined the computer science department, School of information engineering of Chang'an University in 2008, working until now. He was a visiting scholar at Ohio State University in 2014.

Dr. Liu Youquan published more than 50 academic papersincluding10 articles indexed by SCI and more than 30 articles indexed by EI. He also published 1 textbook, and has 3 national invention patents, and 6 software copyrights. He was received the President reward of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2005, and the China computer graphics Conference best paper awardin 2006, 2010, 2012.

Research direction:

1. Computer animation technology based on physics

2. Virtual reality technology and human-computer interaction technology

3. Non-realistic rendering techniques and realistic rendering techniques

4. General computing technology based on graphics hardware (GPU)

Hosted or participated in projects:

1.Multi perception information synthesis theory and algorithm of virtual reality.

2. Theory and method of mixed reality.

3. Real-time accelerated Technology Research of surface environment

4. Automatic modeling and rendering of complex virtual scene based on depth image.

5. Complex modeling technology based on physics.

6. Physics based virtual scene modeling and real-time computing.

7. Simulation of the dry effect of complex shaped objects based on Physics.

8. Research on traffic congestion and effect of urban road network based on hybrid Petri net.