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November 16, 2015  

FengXingle, Ph.D., Professor

Research direction:

1. Wireless image transmission technology based on embedded system;

2. Time-space joint transmission technology of wireless sensor network

3. Key technology of the future mobile communication system.

Academic and scientific research achievements:

Published more than 40 academic papers, including 27 academic papers indexed by EI or SCI. 9 authorized patents.

Hosted or participated in projects:

1. Research on time-space joint transmission technology of wireless sensor network, doctoral fund project of the Ministry of education, the project manager;

2. Time-space joint transmission technology of ultra wide band wireless sensor network, Postdoctoral Science Foundation project of China, the project manager;

3. Distributed antenna based multi band UWB system and its detection algorithm research, natural science foundation of Shaanxi province, the project manager;

4. Time-space joint transmission technology of ultra wide band wireless sensor network, science and technology development fund of Chang'an University, the project manager;

5. Research on space and time joint multi-user transmission technology, "863" project, the core members;

6. Image processing and inspection system of pavement material design and construction quality,the western traffic construction project, the core member;

7. Global positioning system (GPS) development platform, electronic industry ministry, technical director;

8. Timing optimization of traffic signal and computer simulation, the Shanghai Public Security Bureau, technical director;

9. Short scrambling code based simulation of multi user detection algorithm, Huawei company, technical director;

10 Research on anti-tracking technology of mobile phone, the communication technology bureau, technical director;

11. Wireless image transmission system based on embedded system, China Aerospace Science and technology group, technical director;

12. Research on the key technology of comprehensive perception and situation assessment of national trunk highway network traffic state, national "863" project, second responsible person.