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Zhang Weigang
November 16, 2015  

Zhang Weigang, Ph.D, Professor, Director of network engineering department, director of the Institute of computer technology, Information Engineering School of Chang’An University, senior member of the China computer society, council member of the Institute of computer education, Shaanxi.

 Main research direction: Computer application technology, intelligent measurement and control technology, IST technology, automotive electronic technology.

Main research achievements:

    5 national invention patents; first prize of science and technology in 2010.

Main paper:

1. Serial communication under multi thread mode using VC++ , "Journal of Chang'an University" 3/2003.

2. Application and analysis of Over Something IP in the communication system of the highway, "traffic standardization" 4/2004.

3. Calculation methods for the remaining capacity of electric vehicles, the Journal of transportation engineering, 1/2004, EI

4. Test of electric vehicle based on modified fuel car, "Journal of Chang'an University", 5/2006, EI

5. Detection method of working condition of electric vehicle battery set, "electrical automation" 2/2007 total 170th P44-46.

6. Electric vehicle battery parameters / distributed detection method, the Journal of Chang'anUniversity ,5/2007 8.Vol.27No.5P.103-106,EI

7. Fuzzy control model design and simulation of 4 phase signal lamp, "Journal of Chang'an University", No.4 Jul.2008. Vol.28

8. Research on automatic control,Vol.26 No.11,NOV.2009,P4215-4217.

Major scientific research projects:

1. Electric test car (major project in Shaanxi Province)

2. Research on the monitoring measurement technologyfor surrounding rock stability and supportingin highwaytunnelconstruction

3. Preliminary design study on the monitoring and control system of Fenyang-Lishi expressway tunnels

4. Research on information dissemination technology of campus network and the software of network accounting

5. Research on matching electric vehicle battery performance

6. The whole process monitoring of highway video

7. Application of GPS in vehicle navigation

8. Centralized and coordinated signal machine

9. Digital TV system

10. Test system for comprehensive performance of electric vehicle

11. High level pavement laser detection technology and complete sets of testing equipment

12. Development of automotive engine ECU