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Professor Zhao Xiangmo Gave Lecture on Network of Vehicles
March 28, 2014  

At the night of Dec.12, 2013, the 126th “Weishui Lectures”, held by the administration of Weishui Campus and carried out by the School of Information Engineering, took place at the lecture hall in Weishui Campus. Headmaster Assistant of Chang'an University, Professor Zhao Xiangmo, gave a lecture titled "A Fusion of Networked Vehicles and Smart Traffic". Administration of Weishui campus, leaders from School of Information Engineering, and over 500 students took part in the lecture hosted by associate director Qiu Xuhui.

Professor Zhao Xiangmo introduced the background of Vehicles Internet, technology status, system structure, key technology, fusion of Vehicles Internet and Intelligent Transport, future development and insight. Introduced the frontier technology of Internet of Things (IOT), Internet of Vehicles, leading the audiences to see what benefit it will bring and what part it will play in our better future.

Professor Zhao Xiangmo’s lecture was not only easy to understand, but also funny, reality-based and inspiring. Therefore, it was greeted by much applause from the students. At the end of the lecture, Professor Zhao Xiangmo encouraged students to broaden their minds, pursue the latest technology, study harder and make greater progress.

Prof. Xiangmo Zhao gave an academic lecture