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The 9th symposium of 111 project on information of vehicle-infrastructure sensing and ITS was held
September 9, 2015  

On December 25, 2014, the ninth symposium of 111 project on information of vehicle-infrastructure sensing and ITS in 2014 was held in Academic Exchange Center at Chang’an University. The symposium was chaired by Professor Zhao Xiangmo, the vice president of Chang’an University.

At the symposium, on behalf of Chang’an University Professor Zhao Xiangmo welcomed and introduced the experts and scholars present. The president of Chinese Overseas Transportation Association(COTA), Professor Wang Yinhai subsequently made a presentation entitled “Extracting Transit User Activity Information through Smart Card Data Mining”. Then Professor Yang Xiaoguang from Tongji University gave the speech of “the development and thought on vehicle-infrastructure connection and cooperation system” and Professor Wang Xuesong from Tongji University gave an academic report on “the latest progresses on traffic safety research and applications”. The chairmen of the school of Information engineering, school of electrics and Controlling and school of highway, and scientific research backbones in the project as well as more than 150 graduate students attended the symposium.

The project on information of Vehicle-infrastructure sensing and ITS relies on national key discipline of “traffic information engineering and control” and science and technology innovation in the Ministry of Education, “multi-source heterogeneous traffic information intelligent detection and fusion technology”. The project aims at the core technology of “the vehicle-infrastructure system based on connected vehicles” for significant demand of transportation sector in China and cooperates with world-class research teams focusing on traffic information perception and fusion technology, vehicle road cooperative communication and networking technology, transport systems modeling and simulation technology to promote the development of Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems and connected vehicles in China.

The vice-president Xiangmo Zhao host the academic seminar

Prof. Yinhai Wang gave the lecture

Prof. Xiaoguang Yang gave the lecture

Prof. Xuesong Wang gave the lecture