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111 project startup & international academic conference were held
April 21, 2014  

On April 12, 2014,“Introducing talents base for discipline innovation of Vehicle-Road Information Sensing and Intelligent Transportation Systems” (111 project) startup ceremony & international academic conference were grandly held in the Academic Exchange Center at Chang'an University.

Vice Director of Science and Technology Division in Ministry of Education, Gao Runsheng, president of Chang'an University, Ma Jian, Manager of the base station and assistant president of Chang’an University, Professor Zhao Xiangmo, the Fellow of Canadian Royal Science Academy and Engineering Academy, IEEE Fellow, Professor Yang Enhui at University of Waterloo, the Fellow of Chinese Science Academy, Zhou Chaoche and Shen Xubang,the Yangtze River scholar, national Outstanding Youth Fund winner, assistant president of Xi'anJiaotong University, Professor Zheng Qinghua, the Yangtze River scholar, national Outstanding Youth Fund winner, assistant president of Xidian University, Professor Gao Xinbo, as well as experts and scholars from Canada, Sweden and other countries attended the project startup ceremony and international academic conference. Project startup ceremony was presided over byZhao Junhai, the vice President of Chang’an University.

Firstly, President Ma Jian addressed a welcome remark, he expressed sincerely thanks to the leadership of the Science and Technology Division in Ministry of Education, and all famous experts and scholars in China and abroad present today, and great congratulation to the startup of “111 Program” and opening of the international academic conference. He introduced the basic situation of Chang’an University from such aspects as the discipline construction, talent training, teaching team, scientific research, and international exchanges and cooperation. President Ma Jian also drew an instructional plan for the future development of the base. “Establishment of the Introducing Talents base for Discipline Innovation of Vehicle-Road Information Sensing and Intelligent Transportation Systems will further promote the integration of high-level overseas talents and research teams in our school, and promote a high level international cooperation in research and academic exchanging. Our school will make best effort to provide effective support to the research work in the base, to ensure the completion of the stated objectives and fruitful achievements, and to make contribution promoting development of the field of intelligent transportation in China and even in the world.”, Professor Ma said.

Then, Vice Director Gao Runsheng made a speech. He firstly gave a great congratulation to the startup of 111 project base, and showed sincerely greetings to the guests and researchers. He pointed out that, “Project of Introducing talents for Chinese university disciplinal innovation is jointly organized and implemented by the Ministry of Education and the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs. Through constructing the Introducing Talents Base for Discipline innovation, we will increase efforts of introducing overseas talents, bring a number of talents in the world-class into our colleges, further improve the level of introduced talents in colleges, promote the integration of overseas and domestic scientific researchers, carry out high level collaborative research and academic exchanges, focus on developing a number of innovation discipline, and enhance scientific and technological innovation capacity and overall competitiveness of universities. Chang'an University has a domestic first-class research and laboratory environment and equipments in the research field of traffic information technology and intelligent transportation systems. The Traffic Information Engineering and Control discipline, related to the Innovation Introducing Talents base for the Discipline of Vehicle-Road Information Sensing and Intelligent Transportation Systems, is one of national key disciplines, ‘985 advantage discipline platform’ and ‘211 Project’ key construction disciplines. The discipline has been established a good cooperation and deeply cooperative research basis. I believe that the construction of the base station will greatly enhance the research level, concise research orientation, and cultivate high-level talents for the Traffic Information Engineering and Control discipline in Chang'an University”. At the same time, he made two prospects for the development of the base station: Firstly, he hoped the school would pay great attention to the construction of “111” Introducing Talents Base, carefully organize and implement according to the requirements of the Ministry of Education and the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, make full use of the matching funds, and encourage the foreign experts team to play full role, so as to promote the teaching, talents cultivation and pragmatic cooperation with scientific research, and greatly enhance the overall strength and international influence of the discipline. Secondly, he hoped the base would aim at the research team construction, take major scientific and technological cooperative research as a key point , take full advantages of industry characteristics, and actively explore a new model of international scientific research team cooperation integrating scientific research to produce a number of original and independent major scientific and technological achievements with intellectual property rights, and vigorously promoting the quality of innovation talents, in order to make greater contributions to the scientific and technological progress in transportation industry.

As the director of the Base and assistant president of Chang’an University, Professor Zhao Xiangmo introduced the Base in terms of construction background, objectives, main research contents, expected research results, foreign research teams and preliminary cooperation basis foreign team, future cooperation substantive tasks, support conditions and safeguards in the school, annual program and budget, etc.

Vice Director Gao Runsheng, president Ma Jian, Canadian Royal Academy Fellow En-hui Yang, Chinese Science Academy Fellow Zhou Chaochen, Fellow Shen Xubang, and vice president Zhao Junhai togetherunveiled the Innovation Introducing Talents base.

After the project launching, Professor Zhao Xiangmo hosted an international symposium. Fellow En-hui Yang made a presentation entitled “Transparent Composite Model for Large Scale Image / Video Processing”. Fellow Shen Xubang made a presentation entitled “Space computing language”. Fellow Zhou Chaochen and Zhannai Jun made a presentation entitled “Modeling, Analysis and Verification of Chinese Train Control System under a Combined Scenario”. Professor Zheng Qinghua made a presentation entitled “Challenges and opportunities for cognitive learning in big data generation”. Professor Gao Xinbo made a presentation entitled “ Perception and control for urban roads triple spatial big data ”. Professor Wang Weixing made a presentation entitled “Image Enhancement on Fractional Differential for Road Traffic Images”. Professor Li Ningyuan made a presentation entitled “Application foreground of image data automated collection and processing technology”.

More than 300 people, including relevant departments including Development and Planning Department, Science and Technology Department, Personnel Department, Planning and Finance Department, International Cooperation Department, School of Electronically Controlling College, School of Information Engineering and other responsible persons, researches in the base station and associated faculty and students, participated the project startup ceremony and international academic conference.

Meeting place

Vice Director of Science and Technology Division in Ministry of Education, Gao Runsheng was making a speech

President Ma Jian was addressing a welcome remark

Vice President Zhao Junhai was presiding over the Project startup ceremony

Unveiling ceremony

Unveiling ceremony

Group photo

Presentation by Fellow Enhui Yang

Presentation by Fellow Shen Xubang